NEW! MPM 50000BW-VI, BorgWarner Fluid Gen VI

MPM is launching the new 50000BW-VI BorgWarner Fluid Gen VI for Volvo, VAG group and others.

This fluid is designed specifically for use in the BorgWarner (Haldex) Gen VI four-wheel drive (AWD) actuator system. This fluid is prescribed for Volvo's Hybrid 4x4 models and the 4Motion/ Quattro models from the VAG group.

Change interval: every 24 months.

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50000BW-VI BorgWarner Fluid Gen VI


  • VW G 065 175
  • Volvo 32240904
  • Volvo 32240905

Packaging Units:

500001BW-VI 1 L 6 8714293026907

For technical questions:
Please contact MPM Technical Support.

Product News
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